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In 2008, the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards was launched by the Arabia CSR Network, a think tank, training centre and advisory institution focusing on the promulgation and adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability among businesses in the Arab Region.

With each cycle, the Arabia CSR Award’s reputation has been cemented as the Sustainability Benchmark in the Arab Region. This is mainly due to the international frameworks and standards that the Awards criteria are based on. The Awards are developed with the mind-set of creating a regional benchmark that is based on international best practices and standards. Accordingly, international standards such as UN Global Compact Principles and GRI Standards and also the European EFQM Excellence Model were all used in developing the criteria for the Awards.

Moreover, the constant and rigorous review process that the Arabia CSR Network conducts every year at the end of every cycle to review, amend and update the criteria of the Awards, based on the secretariat, judges and the applicants feedback as well as the changing and evolving global scenarios, has ensured that the Awards remain relevant to the international sustainability context, at the same time addressing the local issues, trends and developments in the region and the evolving expectations of stakeholders. During the annual review of the Awards in 2017, ACSRN included the requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals after they had been ratified in 2016, thereby aligning its criteria and goals accordingly.

The Arabia CSR Awards recognises and honours organisations in the Arab region that demonstrate outstanding leadership and commitment to corporate sustainability. The Awards  span 12 categories ; Public Sector, Large, Medium, Small, Energy, Financial Services, Social Enterprise, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, New Business and Partnerships and Collaborations. The Awards is externally verified by one of the world’s most reputed providers of business assurance, DNV-GL.

The Arabia CSR Awards is in its 12th year. It’s been a strong journey of passion, dedication, perseverance, commitment and hard work through which it has managed to positively influence the sustainability scenario in the Arab world, shifting the landscape and producing champions that took their place as the rightful leaders of our future.

Over the years, the Arabia CSR Awards has evolved into an institution. It is more than just another competition; it is a culture, a family and a home to those striving to make a tangible impacts in their societies and on the lives of people around them. The underlying and unifying theme for all the entities that have participated in the Awards has been the burning desire for positive change. The message that it continues to give is that real change is multifaceted and collaborative.

This Award is a home-grown product of the MENA region and offers an occasion to celebrate the achievements of government entities and private companies. Today, Arabia CSR Awards has become a beacon of hope for all who wish to join the true sustainability journey. From Morocco to Saudi Arabia, from Kuwait to Jordan and from Sudan to Bahrain, there have been sustainability champions leading the charge in their countries. They are harnessing the power of creativity to enact their responsibility towards their people and the planet. They have been steadfastly treading on the path to sustainability over the years, against all the odds.  From 2008 till date, Arabia CSR Awards has processed applications from more than 1,000 organisations representing 39 sectors with more than 1,200 applications being recorded from 13  countries in the Arab Region.